Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On the way home from Michigan we got a ticket. Now I know everyone hates getting a traffic ticket,no matter if they deserved it or not. My husband and I are no different.
  This ticket however really burned my butt in so many ways. Let me say up front that yes we were speeding that being said let me tell my story.
   Late Sunday afternoon traveling home from MI on the PA turnpike husband and I are happily talking and singing along with the radio,we were keeping up with traffic but not really pushing it to the metal, in fact cars were passing us almost as if we were standing still.
  As we pass the police car tucked up on the side of the road Husband and I both see the officer inside the car snap up his radar gun with a flare of a well practiced move. His car starts to move out on the road behind us with his light  flashing the blue and red warning that we need to pull over. We look at one another with dumb founded looks upon our faces,we can't believe we are being pulled over we are both seat belted and obeying traffic laws(well)The cars all around us are going at least 10 miles or more faster then us.
  Sure enough the officer gives us a ticket not for speeding but for violating the rules of the turn pike. That doesn't sound bad or even expensive correct. Ha think again, the fine is 25.00 the ems fee 10.00 the fee for the fine 36.00 and a few other charges I didn't understand are added to the ticket bringing the grand total to 111.00. We except our ticket with a tongue in cheek smile and take the reprimand with the same grain of salt.I ask you what else where we going to do?
    I will from now til the end of time believe that the only reason we got that ticket is that it is the end of the month and we were the only car going slow enough to catch.

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