Thursday, May 3, 2012

Philadelphia Folk Fest

Each year for over 20 yrs in mid August I have attended this little event called Folk Fest.
 It is older then  wood stock and not actually held in Philadelphia.
 I have been attending since my son was 7 years old. Give or take a year. He is now 29 years old.
 The  first year I attended the Philadelphia Folk Festival I ....HATED IT.....
   The next year I was convinced to volunteer and I feel in love. I have been attending and volunteering ever since.
  This is a week end of camping, Music, Crafts, Food and friends.
   The music on stage is some of the best you will ever hear, but the music in the camp grounds is what will steal your heart.
  I and many others have the pleasure of saying we know or have met Amos Lee(by another name) because he grew up playing music around the camp fires of fest.
   Philia Festival was once held on a property called Old Pool Farm and sported some of the best mud fest.I was never on old pool farm I have however seen plenty of photos and sat quietly listening to the wonderful and often funny stories about the old farm. Now it is located on the Godshall farm. The festival is held on and between 2 large hills.(I truly believe the good people of Groundz add dirt at the top each year to make the hills even higher).To go from the camp ground to the concert area you walk down the hill across the grove and up the hill.To return to the camp grounds you walk down the hill across the grove and up the hill. We all love the down hill trip!
     As I said there is much to see and do  all weekend long. More importantly there are thousand of potential friends to meet and traditions and memories to make. There is nothing more I enjoy then standing on the hill top in the warm sunshine watching my son play the game washers with friends he made as a young boy at fest,friendships that have withstood the test of time and grown stronger with each passing year.
   This event allows you the chance to see many many acts some as familiar as an old friend and some new and almost always very exciting. . The music work shops give you the opportunity to get to  know your favorite artist or groups as well as allowing the artists a little freedom to experiment and get real personal with the audience.
  I have  the pleasure of saying  I have seen up close and personal so many great and not so great acts like Amos Lee,Kevin Bacon,and this past year Levon Helm just to name a few. I don't come for the line up or the stars, in fact I don't even look at the line up any more(well I do peek at it) because it doesn't matter who is on the program  I am here for names like Barbra,Kim,Darla, Justin,Michelle,Hank,Ned and Lester as well as a whole lot more names of  people that will and have become my friends for life.
  So if you are looking for something different to do this summer check out the Philadelphia Folk Fest. I am more then sure you will have loads of fun and that you will come  back for more.

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